Areas of Practice

Armstrong Chai Attorneys at Law

Divorce/Separation/Domestic Partnership

We regularly handle divorces, legal separations and domestic partnership dissolutions. Regardless of the size or the complexity of the issues, each client benefits from our team approach. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Custody/Parenting Time

Issues involving parents’ abilities to parent and spend time with their children are handled with the level of sensitivity that they demand. We understand the importance of these relationships and the long-lasting effects of an amicable resolution. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Spousal/Child Support

Our domestic relations team is well versed in all areas involving support, whether it is a need for spousal support or child support. Oregon law consistently changes in these areas and we are always up to date. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Grandparent/Third Party Rights

In Oregon, third parties (including grandparents) can have custody and/or parenting time rights in certain circumstances. These cases can involve guardianships, custody actions, and/or parenting time requests. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.


We provide comprehensive services for families who choose to grow through adoption. There are a multitude of options that families have in this area and we can provide assistance throughout each one. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our experience in dissolving marriages and partnerships has taught us that there is no guarantee for a happy ending. Our experience provides the knowledge that we need to help protect clients’ future interests when facing the unknown. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.


As families and individuals change, so do their needs. We provide services involving the modification of unworkable judgments. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.


The recourse for a willful violation of a court’s order in Oregon is through the contempt process. We handle all family law related contempt actions. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Restraining Orders

Unfortunately, when emotions run high situations can become volatile, and often times, domestic relations cases go hand in hand with restraining order cases. We protect our client’s interests in these situations. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.


Whether appealing a trial court’s decision or defending against an appeal filed by the other party, we handle all family law related appeals. Contact Chelsea Armstrong.

Real Estate

Purchases and sales, both simple and complex. Commercial Leases. Real estate development. Financing. Contact Engred Chai.

Estate Planning

Wills. Power of Attorney. Advanced Directive (power of attorney for healthcare). Living Trusts. Probate and trust administration. Contact Engred Chai.


Formation and maintenance of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Business purchases, sales, reorganizations, and mergers. Business succession planning. Business planning for family-owned businesses. Preparation of business and commercial agreements. Protection of trade secrets and other intellectual property. Contact Engred Chai.

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